An Adventure Park Will Open in Alanya This Fall

A year ago, construction began on the Adventure Park – an amusement park for outdoor activities. The progress of the work was personally supervised by the mayor of Alanya, Adem Murat Yudzhel. The concept of a new place for recreation and entertainment for the whole family assumes maximum closeness to nature, which is confirmed by the careful attitude to trees growing on the territory of 100 hectares of the future park. During the construction of the entertainment structures, not a single tree was damaged.

The park was designed and built by the Parks and Gardens Department of Alanya Municipality. Among the objects that the Adventure Park will offer to its visitors are giant swings, racetracks, a riding hall and an animal shelter, a place where local products are sold, a country restaurant, a walking path, a paintball court, a children’s playground, and walking paths for trekking. On the territory of the park there will be an opportunity to hold various social events for both local residents and foreign visitors.

In the framework of the nationwide project on greening the cities of Turkey and the construction of new parks and squares, resort regions are undoubtedly leading, where in the hot season the need to hide in a cool shady park is felt especially acutely. In this sense, Alanya is one of the leaders in transforming urban space into comfortable green areas with lush vegetation, not only on the territory of public gardens, but also along the streets and on the territories of residential complexes. Such a variety of evergreen, flowering trees and shrubs is usually found only in a botanical garden, and here it is splendor at every turn.

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