Apartment Layouts in Turkey!

While researching the real estate market in Turkey, for those who are doing this for the first time and are not yet familiar with the local specifics, it is not entirely clear what these numbers mean:

1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1, 4 + 2 ….. etc.

The first number represents the number of bedrooms, the second number represents the number of living rooms.  At the same time, in the planning solutions 2 + 1 (two bedrooms and one living room), there will be 2 bathrooms, since this layout is designed for a family of at least three people.  Apartments 3 + 1 usually have 3 bathrooms, etc.  increasingly.  How many bedrooms, so many bathrooms.  The kitchen can be separate or combined.  In typical layouts, the number of balconies is usually proportional to the number of bedrooms.

The traditional way of life in Turkish society assumes that a large family lives in one large apartment, and guests always come to the house, for whom a separate front living room is specially allocated, which is why there can be two of them in one apartment.  At normal times, no one enters this room, children are not allowed to play there.  All this is a sign of respect for the guests.

Duplex apartments are also common in Turkey.  It can be a duplex on the ground floor or a roofed penthouse.  In the first case, you can have your own exit to the garden, and in the second, you will admire the beautiful view.

The first tier of a two-level apartment usually has an entrance hall, living room, kitchen and bathroom.  If space permits, a guest room or office can also be located here.  On the second tier there is a private area – bedrooms and bathrooms.  If there is an excess of space, a children’s playroom, a laundry room, and a dressing room will also be added.  Some layouts include an additional kitchen.

Modern trends in the real estate market reveal the desire for European standards of planning solutions, as apartments in the resort cities of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey are increasingly attracting foreigners.  Because of this, layouts with a small number of bedrooms are very popular, even if they are duplexes.  Europeans and people from the CIS countries prefer privacy more, where each generation of the family lives on a separate living space.

The duplex layout is a bunk apartment, which can be located on the first and second floors of a residential building, or occupy the penultimate and last floors – then it is a penthouse.  Some penthouses also have a private roof exit.

For example, here is a floor plan for a 2 + 1 duplex apartment in our new complex Alaye Boutique Residence.  This bunk apartment is a penthouse with panoramic windows, two balconies and three bathrooms.

On the first tier at the entrance there is an entrance hall, a bathroom and a staircase to the second floor.  The main space is occupied by a spacious living room and kitchen.

There is a dining area opposite a large floor-to-ceiling window with a French balcony.

The living room has an exit to the balcony, where it will be convenient to equip the lounge area.

The second floor has two bedrooms.  They have a shared balcony.  A bathroom is provided for each bedroom, one of them is completely private – the entrance is directly from the bedroom.  In the same bedroom, in addition to the entrance to the common balcony, there is a panoramic window.  Both bedrooms are spacious enough, each room can accommodate a spacious wardrobe, while the space is significantly expanded due to panoramic windows – even adding additional pieces of furniture, you will have a feeling of spaciousness.

The total area of ​​the penthouse in the residential complex Alaye Boutique Residence is 110m2.  For a 2 + 1 layout, this is a large number of square meters.  Despite the staircase located on the territory of the apartment, the usable area remains large, since its location is as ergonomic as possible and takes up minimal space.

The nuances of living in duplex-type layouts:

– with small children up to a certain age, it is necessary to install protective fences at the entrance and exit from the stairs.

– for older people, an additional room on the first tier or a full-fledged place to relax in the living room is required.

– it takes more time to clean, as a ladder is added to the main area.

– when choosing an air conditioner for the first tier, it is worth considering the volume of the staircase space.

– to call someone from the bedroom for breakfast, you have to climb the stairs or call on the phone.

The indisputable advantages of duplex layouts:

+ natural zoning into public and private areas.

+ the possibility of maximum privacy in a private area.

+ feeling of a large volume of living space.

+ effect of a private house due to the presence of two tiers.

+ additional interior design options: stairs, unusual shape of the ceiling of the second tier when it is under the roof, the possibility of decorating two tiers in radically different styles.

+ the ability to use the first tier for business and work meetings.

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