Grocery Stores in Alanya. Discounters!

The most popular chain supermarkets in Alanya are represented by several large chains. The cheapest segment are discounters represented by Bim, Sok and A101 chains. These supermarkets can be found literally on every corner.

The coverage is so wide that in densely populated areas, neighboring stores of the same brand can be located two hundred meters from each other, and representatives of different chains are sometimes located in the neighborhood. The stores of these three brands are small in size, there are no hypermarkets or large supermarkets among them – they are all quite compact. This format allows it to be located on the ground floors of residential buildings and makes it easier for development managers to find a suitable space for a new store.

The order of prices in the three main discounters is approximately the same and is the cheapest on the market. Prices for the same products are practically the same. If you choose the most profitable among the three options, then we can safely say that all three are optimal. What is the difference if the assortment of products is the same?

All three chains sell the same set of basic products, but they have different manufacturers. The same items may occur among non-basic goods, but basic items such as meat, poultry, milk, butter, yoghurts, vegetable oil, cheese, cereals, pasta, flour, sugar will come from different suppliers. The same applies to household chemicals and hygiene products. There are, of course, giant brands that are sold everywhere, but there are not many of them. In any case, each network has its own analogue of any advertised product, which will definitely be no worse, and, in addition, also cheaper than a well-known brand.

In each of the chains, there is a large turnover every day, so you don’t have to think about the freshness of products at all – here they are always fresh. Expired goods simply do not exist – this is seriously monitored not only by personnel, but also by government services.

You don’t have to look for a bakery to buy the freshest bread. In the store, it is always on the shelves, and during the day it is additionally brought up as needed. You will never know what stale bread is, except if it stays in your house for a couple of days, and after that you decide to eat it.

The vegetable section is quite pleasant in all three cases. Everything you need is always there – potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, apples, bananas, oranges. Often there are avocados, pears, leeks, cabbage, seasonal fruits. If you missed the weekly bazaar in your area, it doesn’t matter, there is a basic vegetable set in the supermarket near the house.

Of particular interest in each of the three discounters is the home goods department. As a rule, these are quality products at a very good price. Dishes, kitchen utensils, kitchen towels, towels and rugs for the bathroom, bed linen, bedspreads, home clothes and shoes, simple underwear, various baby products, decorative elements. Large and small household appliances, small-sized furniture, and power tools are often on sale.

It is worth noting that the home furnishings departments are well developed in terms of marketing. All positions are relevant at this particular time of the year or for a certain period – children go to school, the beginning of the beach season, a cold snap, some kind of holiday.

If you want to buy cheap food and household chemicals near your home and get a couple of pots, go to these three stores – Bim, Sok, A101.

Despite the inexpensive discounter format, all supermarket staff are very polite and attentive. Hall workers and cashiers will always respond to any request, answer a question, inform the price of the goods, if you have not found it in the hall, offer the best goods, warn about the upcoming promotion. This is a model of a shop next to the house. The overwhelming majority of visitors live nearby and go to buy groceries every day, and due to the great competition between chains, employees have to show their best side in any situation in order to win over the buyer. In addition, in Alanya, all people, including service workers, are a little happier than in other cities, because of the sea nearby. There is incredible beauty of nature around and the wonderful Mediterranean climate – how can you not be happy here?

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