How to Choose an Apartment in Alanya? New Housing or Secondary Market?

Choosing an apartment by the sea, many questions arise before the future owners. What to buy? How not to miscalculate with the place and price when choosing housing in a fashionable modern complex? What nuances to pay attention to if you buy an apartment on the secondary market?

The range of secondary housing in Alanya is very diverse. There are options for every budget and taste. There is a real hunt for good objects, and they do not stay on the market for a long time. Enterprising realtors quickly find new owners for them, especially if the owner is willing to bargain well. In the chain from the owner to the buyer, there can often be several intermediaries, which, naturally, increases the cost of the transaction.

If you are lucky enough to find the owner, and there is only one intermediary between you, consider that you are lucky. A good agency, as a rule, concludes an exclusive agreement with the owners so that the apartment is sold only through them. This gives the intermediary company a guarantee of profit, allows you to safely invest in advertising and concentrate on finding paying buyers.

A good intermediary company always realistically estimates and competently argues the market value of the object, even taking into account its own interest. Good agents often work with large investors, and in such conditions, reputation is extremely important. Ask in the format of a relaxed conversation how the situation on the market is at the moment, what has changed and what trends are expected in the future. A professional with a good reputation will definitely have something to say and he will not hide anything from you. If you have found such a partner to find your home, it makes sense to trust him. It is almost impossible to buy an apartment in Alanya directly from the owners. Even if you find such an offer, you will face the need to independently resolve all legal issues, of which there will be a huge variety. In the end, you will have to hire a specialist to do all of this, because without knowing the Turkish language, the task becomes even more complicated.

If you buy an apartment on the secondary market, it is quite possible that you want to make repairs to freshen up the atmosphere. In this case, it should also be borne in mind that the process will be very different from what we are used to at home. Negotiating with repair teams or hiring each foreman separately is all possible, but due to cultural differences, there can be big misunderstandings, drawdowns in terms of time and inaccuracies in execution. If you do not speak Turkish and do not know the peculiarities of the local flavor, it will be difficult for you.

The situation is completely different with new apartments. If you buy housing directly from the developer, you will not experience any problems either with legal issues or with the hassle of repairs – in modern residential complexes, apartments are rented on a turnkey basis, and, at your request, furniture and interior design can be selected there, taking into account your personal wishes. All papers for registration of the transaction are prepared within three days.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the developer. In Turkey, the activities of construction companies are very strictly monitored, as the real estate market is growing rapidly. To get a building plot at its disposal, to obtain all the necessary permits for construction, the developer company goes through a lot of checks. Despite strict control, there are times when the developer does not have all the papers in order. In this case, it is possible that at the end of construction, you will not receive ownership of the apartment. Without this document, you will not be able to obtain a residence permit and ensure continuous legal stay in the territory of the Turkish Republic. Such a turn will greatly complicate your life and put your investment at risk.

There are not so many reliable developers, recognized leaders in the Alanya real estate market. One of these companies is Alaiya Home. For over 30 years we have been building housing on the Mediterranean coast in Alanya and surrounding areas. During our work, we have built and successfully commissioned 88 residential complexes and made more than 3500 clients happy. Our company looks confidently to the future, relying on family values, which have become a solid foundation for a great common cause. We have ambitious plans for new interesting projects in the best places in Alanya. You can always contact our managers using the callback function, they will tell you about the current offers both among ready-made and among projects under construction.

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