“Oba District” Explore the Surroundings of Alanya!

Oba district is located next to Alanya, only 3 kilometers away, and recently it was annexed to Alanya municipality. At a leisurely pace, you can walk to the center of Alanya in just 1 hour if you move along the seafront. City transport travels to the center along two main highways – one goes along the sea, and the other a little further through residential areas.

Some buses have an indirect route, they make a small detour inland towards the mountains. A taxi from Oba to the city center will cost you from 40 to 70 liras, depending on where you are going. Europeans actively use bicycles to get to the center, the round-trip distance is just right for a short bike ride.

Oba is often chosen for living instead of Alanya due to the quieter atmosphere during the tourist season. By the way, the beaches here are not overcrowded even at the height of summer. There are boulders at the bottom, but in general there are many areas suitable for swimming. The coast is sandy, in some places there are small pebbles.

In the Oba area there is one central street, along which in the evening you can stroll among cafes, restaurants and various tourist shops, where mostly inexpensive clothes are sold. It is quite noisy during the season, there are many hotels around.

But as soon as you step aside, the situation changes dramatically. The residential part of the area is very calm. The houses here are mostly low-rise, you will not find high-rise buildings. Because of this, it is not crowded here, and foreigners who prefer a secluded lifestyle are very comfortable.

Oba is very green. Oranges and ficuses grow along the streets, and there are many flowering shrubs. There are palms, avocados and bananas. In Oba there are a large number of residential complexes with a closed adjoining territory, which has swimming pools and gazebos, and around a rich well-groomed landscaping.

Not far from the Oba Cayi river, which separates Alanya from the Oba region, descending from the mountains directly into the Mediterranean Sea, there is the Alanium shopping center. It is built along the second main highway from the sea. There is a large Carrefour supermarket in Alanium. Along the same road, a little further away from the center, there is a Metro hypermarket, Koctas hardware store, and a large Tahtakale grocery supermarket. Throughout the area you can find supermarkets such as Bim, A101, Sok, Migros.

There is a bazaar on Mondays in Oba. Here you can buy the freshest vegetables and fruits, local cheeses, olives, sweets, tea, dried fruits. All fruits and vegetables are local, grown here. Alanya is famous for the diversity of its agricultural products throughout Turkey. In addition to the crops we are accustomed to, delicious bananas, avocados, strawberries, and exotic fruits are grown here. Here you will find local mango, papaya, dragonfruit. All fruits and vegetables are always available at any time of the year.

At the weekly market you will not find meat and fish products, they are sold only in supermarkets or shops. But here you can taste freshly squeezed juice from oranges or pomegranates. Here they sell boiled corn, and for those who like it can be fried over the fire. The local corn is very sweet and the additional grilling gives it a pleasant “smoky” aroma and flavor.

In the Oba area there are many playgrounds, cozy parks, outdoor exercise equipment and fitness rooms. There are tennis courts, football fields, volleyball and basketball courts.

It is worth noting the rich infrastructure for children – private and public kindergartens and schools, branches of the best colleges in Alanya, the Youth Sports Center.

Recently, near the Metro hypermarket, a new Alanya City Hospital and Laser Medicine Center have been built.

In Oba there are many large furniture stores, where you will choose for your interior not only modern furniture models, but also all kinds of chandeliers, lamps and floor lamps for every taste. By the way, outdoor furniture is very popular here, since all apartments, even the old-style ones, have spacious balconies, where locals love to relax with the whole family and receive guests.

From the Oba area, you can very quickly get to the Dim Cayi mountain river, along which are located the favorite places for Sunday rest of local residents – restaurants with tents on the water. Can be reached by car, taxi or public transport at the standard city rate.

Comparing the Oba district with other districts of Alanya, it is worth noting that the balance between the rich urban infrastructure and the comfort of a prosperous suburb is felt as much as possible.

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