One of the Longest Bridges in the Country, “Hasankeyf-2”, Opens in the Southeast of Turkey

As part of a large-scale hydraulic project for the development of Southeastern Anatolia, near the new city of Hasankeyf, a long bridge was built over the reservoir formed by the Ilisu dam.

The bridge solved the problem of transport links with Hasankeyf, which arose after the construction of a new hydroelectric power station on the way along the Batman-Midyat highway.

The bridge has a hybrid design and is 1001 meters long. 681 meters were constructed with balanced consoles and 320 meters with precast beams. The maximum tower height reaches 90 meters, and the maximum span between them is 168 meters. In addition to the carriageway, there is a pedestrian part on the bridge.

The Ilisu Dam was built on the Tigris River due to the lack of fresh water in the region. Due to constant problems with drought, the authorities had to make a difficult decision to flood the ancient city of Hasankeyf. Local residents were provided with new housing on the high bank of the Tigris River. In fact, a new city of Hasankeyf was built with a school, a mosque and all the necessary infrastructure.

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