Online Viewing of Real Estate

For the convenience of our clients, we offer an online viewing service. In the current environment, online virtual tour is becoming an increasingly popular way to choose an apartment, villa or commercial space. More and more people prefer to first familiarize themselves with video offers in detail for various reasons. Firstly, to be sure that the objects are really on sale, so as not to go on a long journey for viewing in vain. Secondly, the video will immediately show the nuances that are usually hidden by staged photos. Let’s just say that watching an apartment by video will save you from high expectations and unpleasant surprises in the form of an inappropriate view from the window or visual distortion of the space, and at the same time, it will allow you to estimate the space of the room, the adjacent territory as accurately as possible, and see the infrastructure in detail.

For online viewing of housing from Alaiye Home, you need to contact our managers by email or phone, or request a call back. We will agree on a convenient time for you to view the object.

By the time of online viewing, you need to prepare any kind of video communication convenient for you – via Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and inform us in advance of your contacts so that we can prepare a technical space for a video conference.

Provide yourself with a stable internet connection. If it is possible to organize a video conference from a tablet, laptop, or display the image on a large TV screen, this will be even better for you, since you can see all the details in more detail. You can independently record a video conference so that you can later review the excursion in a relaxed atmosphere. To do this, make sure that this function works for you in advance, and do not forget to enable recording before starting viewing. There are now many programs and applications for your phone that allow you to record your screen.

During the online viewing of real estate, we will once again tell you about all the features and nuances of the object, show the adjacent territory so that you can evaluate the infrastructure of the complex.

At your request, we can continue the video conference outside the complex, so that you can more extensively assess the location of the property, see with your own eyes what is around, immerse yourself in more detail in the surrounding atmosphere of the complex or villa. We will also accompany you to the nearest beach if required.

The route of the online tour is discussed in advance by phone, mail, or in an online messenger. During the preliminary discussion, you will be able to identify priority nuances for you that you would like to see first. If you don’t know what to look for when viewing real estate, try to formulate on paper at least a few points that will definitely be important to you, for example, the view from the window, the size of the kitchen, the location of the bedroom, the presence of a separate bathroom in the master bedroom, the presence of a swimming pool …

The list with the main points that you want to see is better to divide into categories, relative to each location. For example, you know that an apartment has 2 bedrooms, one living room, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies. Select a separate piece of paper for yourself, name it “Apartment”, divide it into sectors for each room – a separate sector “Bedroom”, “Living room”, “Bathroom 1”, “Bathroom 2”, etc. Make notes in advance in each sector – what to look for, for example, in the “Balcony” sector, mark “view”, and when the manager shows you the view from this balcony, write yourself a few words about what you saw – so you won’t miss anything and then remember everything easily.

Believe me, if you are going to look at more than one object, but several, all these notes will be very useful to you, and there will be no mess in your head. Repeated online viewing will take both our time and yours, so take your online tour responsibly. You can always invite someone to help you – an adult child, a responsible friend who will set up video communication, will not forget to turn on the screen recording, will make notes and remind you that you should clarify about each of the viewing elements if you do something missed.

In any case, our managers, who will conduct an online viewing of the object with you, will themselves focus on all the advantages of the premises, explain all the subtleties and nuances, you just have to record all these moments.

Prepare an additional list of questions that you would like to ask about the process of paperwork for the purchase of real estate, about the peculiarities of the area in which the object is located, about any other nuances that do not relate directly to the viewed premises. Within the allocated time of our meeting, we will discuss with you any question that interests you. If necessary, we can even go to the nearest market or, for example, take a tour of our office if you want to get to know us better. We are open for meetings online as well as for live communication.

Online viewing of real estate is a great opportunity to get the first impression of the object you like and decide whether you need to go to look at the property with your own eyes and seriously consider the possibility of its further purchase.

To get acquainted with current offers, contact our managers or order a call back. We will be happy to advise you and draw up an online tour plan for the objects that interest you. See you online!

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