Real Estate in Alanya as a Profitable Investment

Turkey is a country with a rapidly developing economy, which in a short time has made a qualitative leap in many economic indicators. Most experts in the field of economic development classify the Republic of Turkey as a “newly industrialized country”.

Construction is one of the most important sectors in the country’s economy with a large share of foreign investment. Investors from other countries are increasingly turning their attention to the Turkish real estate market and are investing a lot of money in this area. We are talking not only about hotels that serve the most popular service sector in Turkey – the tourism business, but also about full-fledged modern infrastructure residential complexes, which are increasingly in demand among private foreign clients for purchase for small investments, recreation or permanent residence with a family.

Given the time constraints associated with the measures taken due to the pandemic, the right to obtain a residence permit, which the purchase of any real estate in Turkey gives, allows you to visit your favorite resort without obstacles and live in a warm climate with the same rights as local residents.

In 2020, the real estate market as a whole was fluctuating, but as a result, property prices in Turkey increased by about 20%. At the end of the year, Turkey became the leader in real estate sales not only in the Russian-speaking sector, but also in some other countries. The relatively low price for comfortable conditions on the Mediterranean coast and the positive dynamics of growth in the market value of properties attracted a record number of buyers and allowed the industry to continue to develop successfully.

In Alanya, which is famous for the high rate of development of coastal areas, new real estate objects are being actively built and new plots are being vacated for the development of luxury housing. In many districts, old houses are being demolished, on the site of which new modern residential complexes with all the necessary infrastructure will soon grow.

For the construction of many objects, areas are allocated in the central parts of the regions of Alanya, and the distance from the sea of many complexes is from one hundred to three hundred meters. There are also residential complexes farther from the sea and the center, but the price there is not always lower, because in this case, as a rule, large areas are given for construction, on which the most ambitious projects can be carried out, where not only the apartments themselves will be luxurious, but and infrastructure in the adjacent closed area.

Alanya accounts for 30% of all real estate sold to foreign citizens in Turkey. This is quite an impressive figure, which speaks of the great popularity of the city and good investment prospects. It is important that due to extensive construction and active settlement by new owners of residential complexes, the infrastructure of the region is rapidly developing – this allows new residents to lead a full-fledged social life, no matter where they are in Alanya.

Everywhere there are very good roads, and for those who prefer to travel by public transport, comfortable inexpensive buses go.

Turkey’s economy has experienced significant growth in recent years, as have property prices in cities on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. If you are interested in investing in overseas property or dreaming of an apartment by the sea, but still do not know which country and city to give preference to, take a look at Alanya. Many Europeans, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhstanis have already settled here, from which the city became famous for its internationality and hospitality. There is a special homely atmosphere here, and the symbiosis of cultures gives a pleasant feeling that here any foreigner will be accepted as their own. In local kindergartens, children from different countries grow up together, study and make friends, and in shops and bazaars more and more often you can hear not only English, but also Russian words and even whole sentences from sellers.

Investing in real estate on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is a guaranteed return on investment. A few years after the purchase, apartments in Alanya and the surrounding areas will increase in price, and if you want to sell your home, you will not only save your investment, but also get a good profit. If your plans do not include permanent residence by the sea, the apartments can always be rented out, as there are always enough people who want to temporarily live in the Mediterranean climate. The demand for rent in Alanya is constantly growing, and the popularity of the region is increasing every year both among the Russian-speaking population and among Europeans.

The most profitable investment in real estate in Alanya is buying an apartment directly from the developer. Alaiye Home Construction is a recognized leader in the market, which has been professionally engaged in the construction of residential complexes and villas for more than 30 years using the most modern technologies and high quality standards. Our complexes have a well-developed infrastructure that meets modern requirements and trends. Apartments are built on a turnkey basis, equipped with all necessary furniture, appliances and equipment. On the territory of the complexes there are indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, gyms, barbecue areas, parking, playgrounds. On the territory of each of our objects, special attention is paid to landscaping, because in such a wonderful climate, residents of the apartments want to enjoy the wonderful nature of the Mediterranean coast.

Our managers are always happy to conduct a detailed consultation and an introductory tour of all relevant objects, as well as offer the most favorable terms of the transaction, which we can carry out for you as soon as possible – in just 3 days. With us, you will not need to worry about the preparation of all the necessary documents – we will help you prepare all the necessary papers, advise on such financial issues as lending and the most profitable transfer of funds from your country of residence to Turkey. As a bonus, the clients of our construction company will always have free support for obtaining a residence permit for themselves and their families based on the purchase of real estate. We offer post-sales service – assistance in solving any small and large domestic issues after buying a home. Contact our construction company for a profitable investment in your well-being!

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