Real Estate Info-Tour in Alanya

The choice of overseas property is not an easy task, especially when there is no complete understanding of what is around the selected object, what kind of life awaits new owners, what atmosphere they will plunge into when they move to a new location, what prospects will open up for those whose task is primarily in a profitable investment.

In order to answer all the questions clearly, independently assess all the advantages of Alanya, its surroundings and development prospects, we invite you to come to our city to get acquainted with the real estate offers.

We will organize accommodation for you, prepare for viewing all the options for real estate that you are interested in, conduct excursions in Alanya and its surroundings.

You will be able to see our region from all sides – not only from the tourist, when there are only beautiful views, restaurants, beaches and fashionable boutiques in front of your eyes, but also from the inside, when you feel the real rhythm of life of this particular place, notice the nuances, come into contact with the real life of local residents.

You can see for yourself how international Alanya and its surroundings are. Foreign speech is heard everywhere, and these are not only tourists – these are local residents, new Alanians who moved here to live from all over the world. Alanya is truly unique in its kind – intimate and multinational, it is a small cozy town with a rapidly developing infrastructure. Life is in full swing here all year round. Unlike many other coastal regions, where everything freezes in winter, activity continues here.

During your trip, the duration of which we will agree with you in advance, at your request, a meeting will be organized with our lawyer, who will advise you on all issues of interest regarding the preparation of documents for applying for a residence permit or for citizenship based on the acquisition of real estate. You will have the opportunity to find out all the nuances in person, to talk in a private setting.

If you would like to make a purchase decision with family members, such as your spouse or parents, you can take them with you on the trip. If it is a very elderly person, inform in advance, since in this case we will need to adjust the program taking into account the time for rest and more frequent breaks. In addition, if your plans include visits to projects under construction, this can also be problematic for the elderly. For the same reason, we do not recommend taking small children with you on a business trip, who will require increased attention and distract you from the examination.

Despite the business nature of the trip, we will show you not only the objects of interest, but also try to maximize the opportunities for a wonderful pastime in Alanya.

Our program will include a visit to a traditional Turkish breakfast, an excursion to the sights of the city. We will tell you about all the advantages of living in Alanya, we will show you what a beautiful evening city looks like – you will see that no photos or videos convey the atmosphere and beauty that is present here when the night lights are on.

To order an info-tour, contact our managers who will select the most interesting real estate for you, plan a convenient time for you to visit Alanya and come to view your future real estate. We hope this trip will be your first step towards acquiring your new home.

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