“Sapadere Canyon” Explore the Surroundings of Alanya!

The surroundings of Alanya are amazing! It is impossible to explore all corners of this heavenly place even in one year – there will always be some unexplored corners that you have not yet had time to visit.

And how many beautiful places are not yet equipped for centralized visits! Every year there are more and more locations where local Alanians and visiting travelers can enjoy the beauty of nature, relax or spend time actively with family and friends.

In 2008, the Sapadere Canyon became one of the new scenic places for going out into nature. In a narrow mountain gorge about 700 meters long, suspended wooden decks with handrails were built, along which visitors can easily walk over a raging mountain stream of icy water, on both sides of which high cliffs rise upward.

The spectacle is truly mesmerizing from all angles. The purest water of all shades of azure color rages below. Its swift streams meet huge stone ledges, now and then forming rapids, small waterfalls, and in some places small quiet pools. In places where a stormy stream bypasses the backwater, there are slopes from the main route, and those who want to cool down can risk plunging into a 12-degree font. In some places, you can even find underwater caves.

The relief on the sides of the stone fault is beautiful both from a large-scale view and from a detailed examination. Cliffs hanging overhead, small branches of a rift branching off to the side, trees growing between stone cracks – such a landscape is rarely seen from such a close distance. Usually, such beauties are found only in the middle of inaccessible mountain peaks.

Surprising for our eyes is the fact that flowers and grass somehow manage to make their way through the rock, and all the greenery looks violently growing due to the eternal moisture that the mountain stream gives. The texture and landscaping of “stone walls” is a dream and a standard for any landscape designer who could draw maximum inspiration and ideas from this place.

The route through the canyon is very comfortable. The floors on which the visitors move are made of narrow polished wooden planks, and on the sides at a comfortable height there are metal handrails, which are part of the general metal structure built along the entire gorge. This structure resembles a hinged balcony that runs along one or the other side of the fault. The crossings between the sides are small bridges.

It is comfortable and safe to walk, there are no steps anywhere, so if you have small children with you, you will cover the entire route to the final point and back with a baby carriage. It is worth considering that the path has a slight slope, so it will be harder to drive with a baby carriage than on a flat surface. Wear comfortable shoes, better sports shoes, it will save you great energy, and all your attention can be directed to the surrounding beauty. Almost at the end of the route there is a small area with a mini cafe and toilets.

The end point of the route is a wide natural pool with a waterfall. Those who wish can swim in it, if, of course, the water temperature of 12 degrees is comfortable for you. It is worth considering that at the beginning of the route, at the foot of the canyon, the water can be several degrees warmer than at the end point at the main waterfall, so be sure to count your strength and try not to dive into the water if you are alone and there is no one else nearby. In general, it is very important to observe safety precautions here. Mountain streams are very fast and cold, so you need to be extremely careful on the water. Supervise the children, do not let them go into the water unattended, and along the entire route ask them to behave calmly, not to run or lean over the handrails.

At the very beginning of the path to the canyon, in front of the point of sale of entrance tickets, there are large natural pools. They are formed by the same mountain river that descends along the canyon. Comfortable slopes are equipped to them, so if on the way here you were hot and you want to cheer up before the main walk – plunge first here, and then hit the road.

The entrance ticket to the canyon costs 12 liras, for children under 12 years old – 6 liras, up to 6 years old admission is free. The weather in the mountains changes very often, so it may well be that if you leave in sunny weather, here you will be caught in the rain. In this case, in the restaurant near the entrance to the park, you will be kindly provided with an umbrella, which of course will need to be returned upon your return.

After walking through the canyon and swimming in the icy water, you will surely want to grab a bite to eat. You can do this in the same restaurant at the entrance, or in any roadside cafe on the way back. With the opening of the canyon for tourists, locals gladly opened small restaurants for travelers passing by, and are always ready to quickly feed you with delicious national dishes of Turkish cuisine.

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