Selection of Food Products in Alanya. Large Supermarkets!

For those who are used to shopping a week in advance and carefully choosing products in supermarkets, it will be interesting to explore the range of goods of large stores. In Alanya, large supermarkets are represented by Migros, Carrefour and Tahtakale chains. There is a Metro hypermarket in Oba. You will find a large selection of grocery products in the stores of all these trade brands. The assortment is large enough to experience the flour of choice, especially when you compare these stores with the small budget discounters of the Bim, A101 and Sok chains.

The stores of the Migros and Carrefour chains come in several sizes, from miniature to very large. In miniature and small supermarkets, only the most basic products are sold, and the meat and fish departments by weight are very small and do not have any special service.

A completely different environment is in large supermarkets. Here you will find large meat and fish departments, where you can choose any piece you like or ask to cut as much as you need. In some cases, in the fish department, if the fish is very large, a part may be separated from it, however, the price per kilogram in this case will slightly increase. At the Tahtakale supermarket, you can also cook your meat or fish in the oven on request – a very convenient service. In just 20 minutes you will receive a ready-made delicious dinner, which you just have to unfold and eat at home.

It should be noted that all products in large supermarkets are always fresh. Fish and meat are sold quickly, the goods do not stale and are always of excellent quality. You will find any meat here, except pork. Pork can only be purchased frozen at Metro. There are pork sausages in the Carrefour supermarket, but the price is quite high.

The meat departments always have a good selection of beef and lamb. There is also lamb, which is great for grilling. In general, grilled dishes are very popular in Turkey. In almost every house in Alanya, there is a small electric grill on the balcony, on which locals cook something on weekends – it can be fish, poultry, veal, lamb, vegetables.

In addition to chicken, turkey is also sold in almost all supermarkets. As a rule, these are its individual parts – fillets, legs, wings, meat from the legs, peeled from bones and skin – very popular for grilling. Chicken is also sold in different versions – whole, legs, thighs, wings, fillets, skinless meat from the wings and from the legs, the so-called “butterflies” – rather fatty flat parts with skin and bones, resembling a butterfly in shape – the most popular among the locals parts for grilling after wings without skin.

When choosing sausages, keep in mind that Sudjuk and similar sausages are very popular in Turkey, which must be cooked before eating. Almost everywhere paprika is added to such sausages. Here they are often eaten with scrambled eggs or omelet for breakfast.

Fish departments in any large supermarket will delight you with their diversity. Here you will find the freshest Mediterranean fish, both farmed and wild caught. Dorada, sea bass, red mullet, trout, salmon – this is the basic set that is always there, and besides that, you will find much more. There are always various seafood on sale – all kinds of shrimp, squid, octopus. The most inexpensive shrimp are usually sold in Tahtakale, although they are small in size, but they taste like large ones.

In large stores, you will always find sections with ready-made meals and fresh baked goods, so if you do not want to cook, you will have a wide selection of ready-made food for every taste – there is both European and Turkish cuisine.

It can be argued that the choice of products allows you to cook any dish without any special restrictions. The big advantage is the abundance of traditional Mediterranean products at very inexpensive prices – fish, olives and olive oil, light cheeses, traditional yoghurts. By the way, you can even find local blue cheese and fine Turkish wine here. All kinds of nuts and dried fruits – pistachios, dates, figs, dried apricots – everything is very inexpensive and of high quality. When choosing pistachios, give preference to vacuum packaging – this is one of the main conditions under which they retain their excellent taste during long-term storage.

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