“Share the Bread” Is a Charity Initiative in Mahmutlar.

The month of Ramadan is approaching in Turkey. In honor of the Muslim holy month, three bakeries in Mahmutlar launched the Share Bread initiative.

Buyers are encouraged to leave one for those in need when buying bread at the bakery. Such an act will help all fasting and respecting the traditions of the Muslim religion to perform the obligatory rituals of giving alms, adopted during Ramadan.

The month of Ramadan in 2021 will run from the morning of April 13 to May 12. For 30 days, fasting Muslims refuse to eat and drink during daylight hours. All month you need to try not to think about the bad and do only noble deeds. This is a real test of willpower and faith. Eating and drinking is allowed before morning prayer and after sunset with family.

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