The Second Sunday in May in Turkey is Mother’s Day

Every second Sunday in May, the Republic of Turkey celebrates Mother’s Day – the most beloved holiday of all women in the country. This day is considered much more popular than March 8th. In Turkey, Mother’s Day is, rather, a family holiday, on which it is customary to gather with the whole family, specially come from afar to a family celebration, buy gifts, flowers and chocolate for mothers.

The history of the holiday in Turkey goes back almost 70 years – it was first celebrated here in 1955. Mother’s Day is so fond of all residents of the country that today on television, the entire broadcast is devoted to women’s topics on this day, and in stores and supermarkets there are all kinds of promotions for groups of goods that are interesting to women.

On the day of the holiday and on the eve, the flower shops accept a huge number of orders for bouquets, and flower delivery is worn out.

Turkey is a country where family values ​​and traditions are of great importance in shaping the personality of every citizen of the country. A mother is the keeper of the family hearth, and girls are taught from childhood the wisdom of housekeeping, regardless of status and profession.

It should be noted that the role of women in the social life of the country is enormous. Unlike many Muslim countries, where the possibility of direct influence of women on the state is limited, the situation here is completely different. For almost a hundred years, despite the patriarchal way of life of neighboring Muslim countries, women in Turkey have equal rights with men, polygamy is prohibited here and any restrictions on the freedoms of the female half of the population are prohibited. Turkish women have an active life position, occupy high-ranking positions, conduct complex professional activities in all areas.

Of course, in villages and in families with a deep religious bias, there is still a patriarchal model, but it is based only on the observance of ancient traditions of the social order. The younger generation of women is much more progressive and strives at least to get an education and work in order to successfully realize themselves not only in motherhood, but also in the profession. This position is actively supported by the society. An increasing number of women are holding government positions, and some are even running police units. All this does not prevent them from combining professional activities with happy motherhood – many have more than two children and manage to fully realize themselves as a mother and mistress of the house.

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