Turtles on the Beaches of Alanya

This year, nature gives us great news about the life of a rare species of turtles caretta caretta on the beaches of Alanya. It is no secret that the favorite beaches of these marine life in the Alanya region are Demirtas and Gazipasa. Every year, during the egg-laying period, these zones become specially protected. Around the places where turtles lay their eggs, special fences are placed so that vacationers cannot harm future offspring.

The President of the Association for Environmental Education and the Blue Flag of Alanya, in his speech to reporters, said that this year the number of nests increased from 300 to 500, which is the result of the beaches that were empty during the pandemic.

It was hard for all of us to comply with the time restrictions, but the precautionary measures also positively influenced the local fauna – for all those who are not indifferent to wildlife, this is certainly a good sign.

We would like to maintain the growth rate of rare species of sea turtles in the coming years, we hope that the positive trend will continue in the future.

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