Why Do I Need a Turkish Passport in 2021?

The foreign passports have always been popular, but rather among a narrow circle of people. In the age of information Internet technologies, when you can virtually travel to the other end of the planet in a split second, the issues of legalization in a foreign country have become widespread among ordinary citizens. Someone is attracted by new cultures and a higher standard of living, while someone chooses a warm climate and a calm life on the coast, away from the worries and eternal rush of the metropolis.

Most immigrants from the CIS countries, of course, are attracted by the visa-free regime, which gives passports of many popular destinations, as well as high-quality public health care and education for children free of charge.

If we take into account only these factors, then, in principle, if the amount of investment in real estate in the amount of at least $ 250,000 is not a stumbling block, and an applicant for citizenship can easily afford to purchase a couple of luxurious apartments or a villa on the coast with this money , the value of obtaining a passport of the Republic of Turkey is somewhat lost. In this case, it is more likely an additional bonus than the main purpose of the purchase. The opportunities that it actually opens up for an enterprising person with an active life position are much wider than those advertised by real estate agencies, especially in resort regions.

Let’s take a closer look at the prospects that Turkish citizenship will open for you.

To begin with, remember that in recent years, the Turkish economy has made an incredible breakthrough, which is recognized by all the world’s leading experts in the field of economics. Since 2002, Turkey’s GDP has quadrupled – it is the second largest in the world after China. In terms of economic volume, the country ranks 17th in the world.

The country is quite loyal to foreigners, here you can open a business and conduct business as a non-resident, but there are restrictions, especially in the most developed and progressive spheres of economic activity – in tourism, in construction. If you are well versed in these areas, and could fully do what you love for the good of society, why limit yourself to barriers? Isn’t it better to do business on an equal footing with all market participants? This way you will not only save resources, but also benefit, since businessmen with good experience always lead. If you do not want to take on large-scale responsibility, but you are a highly qualified specialist in some field, you can definitely find a good job, and with a local passport it will be much easier for an employer to hire you.

So, what do you need in order to obtain the citizenship of the Turkish Republic.

There is a way of naturalization or, for women, marriage.

There is a possibility of obtaining citizenship after 5 years:

  • continuous work on a work visa in Turkey
  • ownership of real estate that you bought and registered for yourself (you have TAPU), and at the same time were in Turkey annually for more than 180 days during the entire five-year period.

It is possible to automatically obtain citizenship:

  • by hiring 50 local residents to work (here we are talking about creating one or several full-fledged enterprises, this method is not available to every experienced businessman, taking into account all the risks)
  • through investments in production or business in Turkey $ 500,000.
  • put $ 500,000 into an account in a Turkish bank and not withdraw them for 3 years, while receiving a percentage of the deposit.
  • buy real estate in Turkey at a cost of $ 250,000, not sell it for 3 years, but it is possible to rent it out and receive income.

The price procedure and conditions for purchasing a passport were established by the state in 2018 as part of stimulating the economy by attracting foreign investment. Previously, prices were several times higher, and it is likely that they will rise again very soon to the previous level, since the relevant proposals have already been submitted to the country’s parliament. The most inexpensive way to automatically obtain citizenship by investing in real estate in the amount of $ 250,000 can rise in price to $ 1 million, and the term for issuing a passport will increase from 2 months to 3 years. The reasons for such changes are not entirely clear, but, in any case, interested persons should hurry up with making a decision and start selecting real estate for citizenship right now.

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