Wisteria Blossomed in Alanya!

Wisteria blossomed in Alanya – a tree-like liana native to Asia. The bloom of wisteria is a fascinating sight that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The bunch-shaped lilac inflorescences resemble acacia flowers, and for good reason – these plants are from the same genus of legumes. Usually in Alanya, wisteria blooms by mid-April, but this year it decided to please the locals with its beauty a week and a half earlier.

Wisteria is used for vertical landscaping in gardens, near gazebos, or near the house. This liana is capable of braiding the walls so tightly that sometimes its shoots can harm the structural elements of buildings.

For vigorous flowering, competent gardeners regularly prune the branches of the bushes. To give the plant the desired shape, guide supports are used. The trunk of the wisteria is tree-like, and, if directed upwards, is itself a reliable base. If it is required to form a horizontal crown, additional supports will be required, since under the weight of leaves and inflorescences, the trunk may not withstand the load.

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